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Our Services

We offer you a dedicated team and a comprehensive suite of tailor-made tools and processes designed to streamline your work and enhance your overall experience. These include salary deduction calculators, cost simulators, video and PowerPoint presentations, team training, memos, and more.


Our team supports you and is actively involved in your success and that of your clients.

Preparation of quotes, renewals, and presentations

Our attention to detail, aesthetic sense, and copywriting skills will help you communicate effectively and convert your sales efforts.

modeling, projections.

Our actuarial expertise ensures analyses that are as rigorous as they are clearly presented.

to clients

We will be happy to accompany you and assist you in maximizing the process's performance.


Within our network, experienced graphic designers and writers, specialists in CRM, SEO, and website production.



Benefit from our volume and reputation with Canada's largest insurers.


We are by your side, available and responsive, no matter the type of support you require.


Stimulate employees' full perception of the benefits they enjoy.

Administrative support
and client services.

A range of customizable services adapted to your needs.

Our Management Team

The Unixia DNA

Our actuarial and creative approach ensures the highest returns on your group investments.

Équipe heureuse


Optimize your team members’ well-being and your organization’s financial health.

Actuarial expertise and precision

All data and scenarios are analyzed and modeled to convey accurate, verified, enlightening, and profitable information and advice.


Our holistic vision, combined with our passion for the latest trends and innovations, enables us
to offer customized solutions that generate maximum results.


We speak the truth, speak candidly, just like numbers. This humanity and transparency are essential to demystify the
apparent opacity of the insurance industry.

Inclusive respect

We respect the richness of human diversity, regardless of preferences, colour, shape, or identity choices. This empathy is essential for effectively meeting everyone's expectations.

Social Commitments

In our own way, we aim to be active contributors to the collective well-being and to  a sustainable, healthy, respectful, and inclusive society. With humility, through our small commitments, we hope to inspire entrepreneurs and citizens to take meaningful actions.

There's no need to be extravagant: every action matters!

Mental health

Mental health is a societal issue that we hold particularly dear. That's why Unixia is proud to support the Jeunes en tête Foundation.

The mission of the Jeunes en Tête Foundation is to prevent psychological distress among young people aged 11 to 18 in Quebec. It achieves this mission by offering online resources and organizing awareness workshops in schools for adolescents, their parents, and school staff. Destigmatization, raising awareness, and providing practical tools are the tangible actions the Foundation takes every day to assist the next generation in confronting life's challenges.

Bannière de la Fondation Jeunes en Tête


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Even though the environmental footprint of a firm like ours is limited, it is nevertheless important for us to express our commitment and contribute to the sustainability of two of the main natural assets abundant in our region: forests and fresh water. This is why Unixia has committed to using
printing paper exclusively sourced from Papier Rolland, a leader in
sustainable economy.

This Quebec-based company produces very high-quality paper with the smallest environmental footprint in the industry, using recycled fibers from urban recycling bins. Its closed-loop production processes use six times less fresh water than the industry average, without any chlorine for the bleaching stage. Furthermore, 93% of their thermal energy needs are met by biogas, allowing them to reduce their annual CO2 emissions by 70,000 tonnes, equivalent to the annual emissions of over 23,400 cars.

We invite all entrepreneurs to source from Papier Rolland and thus contribute to the modernization of the industry and the sustainability of our precious resources.

Respect and inclusion

We firmly believe that diversity, in all its forms, is one of the greatest assets of our society, a formidable engine for innovation, growth, advancement. We encourage the expression of diversity in all its forms and, above all, Canadian businesses to play an important role in building a pluralistic and diverse society. This entails providing equal opportunities and respect to all individuals, irrespective of their affiliations, origins, preferences, incomes, beliefs, or physical and intellectual characteristics.

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Causes that are close to our hearts

We support in different ways, sometimes occasionally, various causes that are close to our heart. We invite you to discover these organizations whose unwavering commitment and vital role they play in our society deserve to be supported.

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