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Employés qui sont engagés à offrir un rendement maximal à leur clients


our approach guarantees maximum return
on your group insurance plan



Actuarial and strategic analysis

Many characteristics specific to your company and your teams will have a significant influence on the strategy to be adopted. It is important to analyze and modelize them within the context of your business strategy before proceeding to the next steps.

Identify your
corporate objectives

Now more than ever, the objectives pursued by group plans vary from one organization to another, even among different management committees. The value of the same scenario can differ significantly, whether viewed purely from a financial perspective or through the lens of employer branding. We will assist you in achieving a harmonious alignment with your business strategy.


Focused on



Groupe d’employés en réunion qui cherche à identifier les meilleures solutions sur le marché

Identify the best solutions in the market.

The volume of our group provides open access to the most recognized and innovative insurance solutions on the market. Among the wide range of available solutions, we will target those that are most aligned with your objectives.


Implementation / Communication

This step is extremely important. When conducted properly, it minimizes the administrative workload for teams, and most importantly, maximizes the team's perception of value and gratitude.


Present the scenarios
and their impact

For every solution considered, our comparative modeling is clear, simple, and detailed, allowing for knowledgeable decision-making.



We often emphasize that we are more than just brokers; we are advisors. Our support extends beyond transactions; we remain by your side and are available to assist you in getting the most out of your group insurance.


Employés qui travaillent à trouver les meilleurs scénarios et leurs impacts
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